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btw, I hope you dont mind, but every once in a while I copy and paste your entire post to my friends and acquaintences..I do give you credit as Josey from have a wider readership around here than you think! : )
yeah..but I hear the jet stream is going kablooey, so maybe odd weather has something to do with it..yesterday the stream came down from SF, turned west around santa barbara, looped around into the ocean, then back inland to LA.
completely circumscribing my area; but we have always had microclimates here, totally different weather from the areas around us...usually drier...
Hello. I have joined this community to interact with other like minded intelligent individuals. At this point, I believe that I can only contribute amazement and respect for what others know and have achieved. Thank you for having me. My other areas of interest include hi-end analog stereo, reading, and attempting to be the best human companion possible to my American pit bull terrier, Sophie.
Hiya, how's things in the forest?
We had a furious hail storm for a few minutes yesterday, gathered on the ground like snow, quite a vision for here in
Now it's blowing very chilly winds, 'winter' for here..gas oven and range top on for heat last night..and now the morning sun has appeared.
What expensive meds??